Masquerade Ball

The Bank Holiday bought with it this year’s annual Dance Society Ball, with a Masquerade theme


I’ve only been a member of the Newcastle University Dance Society since Freshers, but it’s been amazing and I can tell will be a massive part of my life throughout my university career.

I’ve made so many friends and been so thrilled to be able to continue doing as much dancing at university as I did at home – something I was scared of losing when moving away!


The ball is a chance for everyone to get all glitzed and glammed up, a far cry from the usual sweaty, tired and/or hungover faces we usually see at class, the over-facepainted and stupidly costumed drunkards we see at socials, or the tanned-to-the-max, caked-on makeup showgirls we’re used to seeing at the dance show.

Just beautiful, fresh faced girls in gorgeous dresses!

Luckily the bank holiday gave us a full, uninterrupted day for preparations.. nails, hair, tan, the lot!


I went for a smokey eye look, keeping the rest of my makeup natural.. as later I’d let the dress do the talking!


To compliment the gorgeous low back on my dress I went for an up-do, spending hours slaving over various youtube tutorials.. but I think it paid off, right?!

(Seriously can I put this on my CV because I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud)


d2bf19f83ad1d353eb83408e57d37ab2 mma7WPl2zeLrz_SrRPHVOLQ image1xl

Dress: Virgos Lounge / Shoes: Chinese Laundry / Clutch: Borrowed from a friend, similar here

The girls and I pulled up to the fanciest building we’d seen in a while.

“Are we in the right place?” “Are you sure this is it?” We asked… this seemed too good, surely?


But no, this was our home for the evening


And cor, what a place.





After many a photo outside we excitedly headed in


To wine, dine and jive in The Gold Room

(*cue oohs and aahs*)






The room was beautiful, elegant masks and flambouyant feather boas taking centre stage of every table, with tall, flickering candles.


After mingling and ensuring not a single person had gone without being told they look “ah-mazing and your dress is STUNNING and your hair?!?! How did you do that?!?!”, we settled down to our tables and waited ever so patiently for our food (or not in some cases..)



Luckily the waiters were on cue, delicately placing a fresh bread roll on each side plate


And then, the real fun started. A team of immaculatley presented waiters and waitresses swirled out of the kitchen, each carrying two plates. They performed like clockwork, spiraling around the table in unison, giving one subtle, concise nod, then placing our plates down without a sound, before taking off without a trace.

So absorbed in the dance of the waiters I hadn’t even looked at my food, but holy smokes when I did…


To begin, parma ham with black figs, buffalo mozzarella and rocket

Which was just so good I can’t even begin to describe, I think parma ham and mozzarella are my ultimate fave combination.

Equally as swift and elegant our plates were whisked away and replaced with our mains


Roast sirloin of beef served with veg, rich roast gravy and the heftiest of yorkshires.

My smile was about the size of that yorkshire (conveniently, hole in one!)


Then followed by chocolate fudge brownie with pistachio ice cream…



Safe to say we were happy bunnies!

We had some lovely speeches and awards, then kicked off with what we do best – dancing the night away!

And tucked away in the corner was ‘Mr Photo Booth Guy’, his photo booth and a box FULL of dressing up goodies

You grab your friends, a silly hat, feather boa or pair of ridiculously huge glasses, throw some shapes in the booth, and get a strip of four photos to giggle at later!


Aaaaand we milked it for all it had got!

P1000950 P1000955 P1000956 P1000957 P1000958

Before getting back onto the dance floor and doing justice to our society’s name to the reputable likes of Busted, McFly, and there may have even been a hint of the Cha Cha Slide.

So shoot us, we like a good boogie.

There was even a dance-off at one point, ensuring we remain true to stereotypes!

We threw our cares (and stilettos) to the wind and partied way into the night, for one last time before knuckling down to the long weeks of studying ahead of us.


As the feet grew tired, the hair fell limp, the candles burnt low, we tottered off into the night, some in search of more disco lights, some (me) in search of a toastie and snuggly bedsheets…

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