Gusto | Newcastle

I’ve had my eye on Gusto for ages


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Brunch at Arlo

Jesmond is filled with hidden treasures round every corner.


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The Butterfly Cabinet

January is a dreary month for all – exams and dieting dampen our already glitterless lives.

This grey morning I stepped out of the exam hall and dragged Jake along for a bite of brunch at the not-so-dreary Butterfly Cabinet


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Lane 7

Exams are over, and like true university students we thought we’d let loose, go wild and go… bowling


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Fat Hippo

Sophie and I took a trip to Fat Hippo last week.


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Quayside Seaside

The sun is beaming, the skies are blue… aaaaand students are spending their time in dingy libraries revising.


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Cafe Royal

After spending every night in the library for the last week or more, on deadline day I was in dire need of good food, good company and very importantly: a glass of bubbly.


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Drizzly Ol’ Blighty

Chances are, you too spend half your time puddle-hopping around our showery Brittania, 20% of your vision stolen by the brim of your brolly.


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Spring Clothes Haul 2014!

Over winter my style was all black everything. The only dash of colour would be a red lip, or a slightly pink nail varnish.

Now Spring’s come around, and the sun has (kind of) come out, my wardrobe was in need of a switch up.


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A Day in the Life

Recently a few of you have asked for a couple of ‘day in the life’ style posts, and what you want, you get!


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