Gusto | Newcastle

I’ve had my eye on Gusto for ages


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Nutella and Raspberry Croissants


October’s a bloody lovely month for me

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One-pot Spicy Rice

I’ve got to admit my diet’s not been that great since I came back to uni


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The Chameleon, Birmingham

After a long summer of intense shifts at work and my looming departure back up north, my sister and I decided it was about time we went on another grand shopping adventure, so hopped on a train to Birmingham.


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Busy Body Bruscetta

I’ve developed somewhat of an infatuation with red onion of late.

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Whiling Away the Days

Summer seems to have crept up on me and I’m facing a daily routine of astonishment upon drawing the curtains to see clear blue skies and the sun beaming down on me.

And as a true Brit I wished for nothing more than to basque in the sun in a truly English Beer Garden.


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Nutella Stuffed Cookies

Now, I know I’ve left you guys for a while, but I hope this will make you forgive me..

Nutella Stuffed Cookie

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Fat Hippo

Sophie and I took a trip to Fat Hippo last week.


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Pistachio & Pesto Pasta

There’s nothing new about pesto pasta. It’s many student’s go-to, easy recipe


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Quayside Seaside

The sun is beaming, the skies are blue… aaaaand students are spending their time in dingy libraries revising.


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