Uni Room Tour!

I’m back in the toon in my shiny new pad for second year at uni10

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Carvoeiro, Portugal

The summer holidays mean only one thing for me and my family. We throw our skimpiest outfits into suitcases and trundle off to the airport in search of sun.


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6 Things I’m Loving This Summer

1. White Jeans


I’ve always lusted over white jeans and knowing my mucky pup tendencies never ventured into a purchase, but when feeling a little spendy in Italy I picked up a pair from Mango and haven’t looked back since.

Yes it means you can’t sit down without wiping the surface thoroughly first and yes it means you have to wear a napkin skirt when eating anything, but it’s so worth it for the ‘ooh you look summery!’ comments and jealous looks from other non-white-jean-commital-ladies.

They go with everything and just inject a touch of summer into your wardrobe

2. L’Oréal Lumi Magique Foundation


Why I haven’t seen any beauty bloggers rave about this is beyond me!

The packaging claims it is a light infusing foundation, making you look ‘lit from within’. I bought this product doubting the truth behind these claims but thought at £11 it’s worth a try and I’m so glad I did. Although not the best for those hot days (as it feels a little like it’s going to slide off your face) this is the perfect foundation for a summer in England where you want the glow but it’s really not that warm. It entirely eliminates any need for a highlighter as it does the job for you in all the areas to which you want to attract a little radiance.

I bought a much more expensive mineral foundation from the brand Arbonne to try in Italy and although that was better suited to the warmer weather, as soon as I came back home and switched back to my trusty Lumi Magique the Mr noticed a big difference and commented on my radiance and glow, insisting I stick with this foundation.

A winner with the Mr and a winner with my purse means it’s staying.

3. Pastel Handbags


I bought this handbag on a whim from Dorothy Perkins a few months ago and it’s since become my summer staple.

There hasn’t been a single time I’ve used this bag where I haven’t had a compliment on it, whether that’s from a friend, relative or passerby in the street! It goes with every outfit (especially those pesky white jeans!) and puts a spring in my step. Perfecto.

4. H&M Hair Clasps


As much as we like to pretend we’re ladylike and elegant, summer is the season of sweat. I hate to tell ya.

These hair clasps are  £2 for a pack for 2 from H&M and I have bought at least 4 packs this summer because I use them to death (literally)

Perfect for securing back you fringe when things get a little bit sticky in the forehead region, and even better to secure a messy bun when sunbathing without the faff of grips or bobbles.

Also ideal for clipping your hair up when drying/straightening/curling the lower layers… The uses are endless. Go buy them.

5. Iced Lattes

7 - Copy

I cannot get enough of these I will drink them all summer long and probably way into the winter too. Addictive.

6. George Ezra

This guy should have entered your stratosphere at some point this summer and rightly so. He’s a delightful little bunny of a chap with a fantastic voice on him (one which doesn’t match his innocent little face one bit) and his songs are just what you want to be singing along to whilst bumbling down a country road. Simply splendid.

May Lustlist

As my money comes in at the start of every month, I find that towards the end the funds are dwindling, and I end up with an endless list of things I want to buy as soon as the calender turns it’s pages.


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Quayside Seaside

The sun is beaming, the skies are blue… aaaaand students are spending their time in dingy libraries revising.


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Spring Clothes Haul 2014!

Over winter my style was all black everything. The only dash of colour would be a red lip, or a slightly pink nail varnish.

Now Spring’s come around, and the sun has (kind of) come out, my wardrobe was in need of a switch up.


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