A Day in the Life

Recently a few of you have asked for a couple of ‘day in the life’ style posts, and what you want, you get!


So last weekend I headed up to the Metrocentre in Gateshead; a metropolis of stylish shops, bustling cafés and elegant restaurants.


 645902_main 645902_mainnn

Truly embracing all things Spring I wore my new floral embroidered pastel yellow top from River Island and cute daisy necklace from Forever 21

(Forever 21 actually have a 3 for 2 offer on their jewellery at the moment which I intend on fully embracing!)

Then put on my face paint


1 Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Black, 2 Collection Bronze Glow in Sunkissed, 3 MUA Eyeshadow Palette ‘Undressed, 4 L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara in Extra-Black, 5 Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Pink Rose, 6 Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Nude, 7 L’Oréal Lumi Magique in Pure Beige, 8, Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Complex, 9, Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Warm Medium, 10 Blusher Brush from H&M, 11 MUA Pressed Powder

I’ve put in bold the bits and pieces I love and couldn’t live without! The MUA Eyeshadow Palette especially is amazing, it’s basically a drug-store dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Palette, but at only £4 it’s an absolute steal! Definitely worth a try if you don’t fancy splurging £40 on the UD one!

Also the L’Oréal Lumi Magique foundation is a great one for summer, light coverage which gives a brilliant summery glow!


And ever so importantly, on my nails I wore Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in Pink Bliss.


I donned my sunglasses and headed out into town to meet my better half.


The day was spent taking it in turns waiting outside changing rooms, giving approving nods or reserved ‘hmm’s


With the obligatory Nero’s coffee break!


Mocha Frappé Latte, the perfect relief from a hot and busy shopping mall

Then headed back out to explore further


Exhausted and with arms full of shiny new purchases (most of which I’ll share with you later in the week!), we fell into Zizzi for some much needed Italian sustenance.

I’m not a massive fan of chain restaurants as they tend to be very same-y and often don’t deliver the same level of service and quality as independent places, but I’ll always make an exception for Zizzi’s, I always love it there.


I find they go the extra mile with their decorations, and the staff are too charming to resist





Belvoir Elderflower Pressé is one of my favourite drinks ever ever ever, another reason Zizzi get the thumbs up from me.

But the real wow comes from their dishes..


I think I’ve had this dish for the past 5-6 times I’ve been, but I love it so much


Penne Della Casa.

Oven baked penne, roasted chicken, pancetta, baby spinach and riserva cheese in a creamy mushroom sauce.

Every mouthful brings a whole host of new flavours, wowing you every step of the way.

And as for Jake?

He went for the Rustica Mezzo e Mezzo Pizza


One half – mozzarella, new potato, riserva cheese, red onion and thyme.


The other half – roasted peppers, roquito chilli, mushrooms and rocket.

And I’d be lying if I said it was his first time having that as well.. What can I say? We pick our favourites and stick to them.

Full to the brim and with only a couple of pennies left in our purses, we headed home to put our feet up

…For about half an hour, before rushing out again to an acoustic gig (of which I took zero photos, very bad form, sorry!), before a long wander home and snuggling straight up into bed!

Let me know if you enjoyed this slightly different post today, I promise next time I’ll not forget about my camera and take hundreds more photos! And stay tuned for a fashion-packed post sometime soon

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