Everyday Breakfast | Chocolate & Banana Porridge | Vegan Week

Winter mornings are just so gross aren’t they?

Cold, rainy and plain miserable.


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Rice Stuffed Peppers | Vegan Week

I’ve been meaning to try stuffed peppers forever but always put it off as I thought it was too much of a palaver.


Since it’s the start of term so workload hasn’t built up yet, I figured I’d spend an evening giving them a go.

They’re not the quickest dish to rustle up but as I love spending time cooking a dish I find it quite enjoyable.

You won’t even miss the meat in this dish.

(but if you do feel you reeeaaally want some, try stuffing it with chunks or chorizo or have it alongside some chicken skewers!)


You can pretty much use whatever’s in your cupboard and season it however you like so it’s a pretty flexible dish, great for using things up, or a perfect if imagination’s otherwise lacking!


Ingredients (to make 4, multiply/divide as necessary):

4 large bell peppers (red/yellow taste best)

3 mushrooms

1 onion (I used a red onion)

1 small-medium tomato

Handful olives

1tsp paprika

1tsp cayenne pepper

1 vegetable stock cube

2 cups cooked rice


  1. If your peppers cannot stand up on their own, slice the bottoms so they do (try not to make too much of a hole). Slice the top off and discard the membranes and seeds, but set aside any usable bits of pepper and slice for later.
  2. Slice up your onion, mushrooms, olives and tomato. Fry your onion and pepper till slightly softened. Remove to a plate, then fry the mushrooms for about 6 minutes. Add the onion and pepper back into the pan and season to taste with paprika and cayenne pepper.
  3. Stir the cooked rice in. Crumble the vegetable stock cube over the mixture and stir in, and then leave to cook for another minute or two.
  4. Spoon the mixture into each pepper and press down so it’s tightly packed. (If you have any extra stuffing place into a small casserole dish)
  5. Cover the baking dish with foil and cook for 30-40 minutes (depending how soft you want your peppers)
  6. Serve and enjoy!

Katy-Jane’s Vegan Week

P1020983 copy

I’m going vegan for a week or so…

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Study Tour

It’s been time exam and essay time so I’ve been living in my study, and that’s naturally led to procrastination by interior design


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Lily Pebbles’ Brookies

Now, I’ll start by saying this isn’t my recipe, but that of the wonderful Lily Pebbles, blogger and YouTube extraordinaire.

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The Butterfly Cabinet

January is a dreary month for all – exams and dieting dampen our already glitterless lives.

This grey morning I stepped out of the exam hall and dragged Jake along for a bite of brunch at the not-so-dreary Butterfly Cabinet


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2014 Round Up

As lovely as it is to launch into the new year and not look back, I’ve always been one for a bit of reminiscing

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hello 2015

The clock struck midnight, I have a sore head and it’s time to consider 2015..


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Winter Warmer Soup


Is there anything in the world more homely and comforting than a bowl of hot soup?

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