Round Up | Vegan Week

So, vegan week’s come to a close.


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Everyday Lunch | Soup | Vegan Week

My lunch for the past few months has been exactly the same


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Pepperoni Pizza | Vegan Week

Ok ok… so a food blog perhaps isn’t the most appropriate of homes for a ‘pepperoni pizza’ recipe. But vegans need days off too!


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Midweek Thoughts | Vegan Week

I didn’t realise I would already feel so many feels about this vegan fandango..

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Katy-Jane’s Vegan Week

P1020983 copy

I’m going vegan for a week or so…

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2014 Round Up

As lovely as it is to launch into the new year and not look back, I’ve always been one for a bit of reminiscing

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Edinburgh – A Weekend in Photos

For mine and Jake’s three year anniversary we hopped on a train and sailed up through the Scottish countryside to Edinburgh


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Uni Room Tour!

I’m back in the toon in my shiny new pad for second year at uni10

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Great British Bake Off Drinking Game

If you’re British and have a television, hopefully you’ll have enough sense to be watching the Great British Bake Off


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The Chameleon, Birmingham

After a long summer of intense shifts at work and my looming departure back up north, my sister and I decided it was about time we went on another grand shopping adventure, so hopped on a train to Birmingham.


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