Hello, welcome to my little blog which I fill with recipes, restauranting tales and other travels!

My aim here is to share recipes which are fairly easy, shouldn’t take too long, are affordable and not too unhealthy, but most importantly outrageously delicious. I want to banish the reputation of hungover students in their pyjamas eating nothing but supernoodles and create a revolution of fantastic chefs cooking better than their mothers!
(Disclaimer: Mum’s cooking always wins, sorry)

I must add here that I am by no means a miracle worker in the kitchen, I came to university with the same rubbish skills as everyone else, breaking down in tears and (true story) ringing my mum to ask how to cut up an onion properly. However I live by the belief that I don’t see any point at all in eating bad or average food. If there’s no decent taste to it I may as well skip the meal. So through this, and the independence to cook whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, I began to experiment. And naturally, I wanted to share my secrets (but not my actual food because I am very much like Joey from Friends. I don’t share food.)

And for those of you who don’t know me so well, my name is Cat, nice to meet you!

Please comment or like or share or graffiti my URL on billboards (don’t do that I’ll get in trouble), there’s no point in me writing this if there’s no one around to read it!

Lots of love xxx


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