Gusto | Newcastle

I’ve had my eye on Gusto for ages


Tucked away behind Pitcher and Piano on the quayside it’s an easy one to miss, but I’ve known of it for a while but never got round to going.

So when my parents popped up to Newcastle for a visit I seized the opportunity and booked a table straight away!


Warm and welcoming in stark contrast to the freezing cold winds outside, we bustled inside and were quickly shown to our table upstairs


The décor is beautifully stylish and simple, with a pretty open plan style, yet somehow still impossibly private and cosy – no chance of overhearing your neighbours conversations!


We set to the always impossible task of scouring the menus – first the all important wine list, then the food menu


Opting for my standard order of sweet rosé topped up with lemonade (to keep me from telling all my secrets), I then spent forever scouring the menu trying to choose between all the many options

Finally, we chose, set our menus to the side and commenced on the great catch up which always occurs when we reconvene (turns out I am still the worst at remembering to give my mama a call, meaning I have to tell her everything all in one go when she visits, oops!)

And then, starters arrived. Cue excited silence.

For me, roast leeks wrapped in prosciutto ham, with a creamed truffle sauce.


Bit of a risk as I had no idea whether I liked leeks or not (but adore prosciutto ham!), but it definitely paid off! Absolutely amazing and something I’d love to recreate at home

Jake went for the tomato and basil garlic pizza bread – and it was a little bigger than he bargained for! (He guzzled it up nonetheless – no dish is too big for our Jacob)


And daddy went all fancy with the home-cured salmon tartar and quails egg, with crème fraiche and green gazpacho!


He tells me it was delish! (I won’t go anywhere near fish… bad foodie)

Our plates were whisked away and swiftly replaced with our mains

For Jake, homemade butternut squash ravioli with sautéed cavolo nero, sage and almonds


Perhaps a smaller portion than hoped for (and therefore no room for sharing!) but he assured me it did just the job and was beautiful

After all my umming and ahhing I chose the oven baked gnocchi, with spicy nduja salami, caramelised onion, chestnuts and tomato


Buried in parmesan, just the way I like it


100% the correct choice, it was absolutely beautiful (if a little spicy, steer clear if you have a sensitive tongue!)

Dad went for the other option I was contemplating – gnocchi with slow roast pork, cherry tomatoes, pesto and rocket


Also very tasty (but mine was better)

And for mummy, the rigatoni primavera with chicken, winter veg, pine nuts and crème fraiche


Stuffed to the gills we sat back sighing, continuing our great catch up (which had been somewhat paused whilst we were stuffing our mouths..)

Aaaaaand then the waiter came offering us dessert menus, and we accepted. Obvs

I took one look and new exactly what I wanted straight away.

Nutella and mascarpone calzone

How could anyone say no?!


Beautifully crispy and crunchy on the outside and oozing with the most decadent hot nutella and mascarpone – if I could only eat that forever and ever, I would.

Dad went for the chocolate, pistachio and Clementine mess – a unique take on the traditional Eton mess (which nowhere near rivalled my calzone, but then I am biased..)


And for mum and Jake? Just a spoon, as always!

I cannot recommend Gusto enough if you’ve got any sort of occasion to celebrate (or even if you don’t – make an excuse!), the food is divine, staff are lovely and the atmosphere is just ideal!


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