Brunch at Arlo

Jesmond is filled with hidden treasures round every corner.


Brunch spots, bars with perpetual happy hours and ice cream parlours alike, it’s brimming with places to go.


On my to do list for a long time was Arlo, a bistro/café.

I’d heard they serve a killer breakfast, so I headed down there before a girly spa day!


It’s always pretty full, whether with groups of students huddled around discussing last night’s antics, families enjoying their weekends together, and even business men and women discussing very important matters over granola.


Quirkily decorated with that grandma’s-living-room kinda feel with all the bits and bobs from the ages, it’s a really welcoming, comforting place to spend a morning.



Cradling our coffees we nursed our hangovers (ok, just me on that one then…) and had a juicy catch up.

Then the show commenced – our food arrived.


Jess went for the adventurous option, a very unique veggie full english


Eggs cooked to your liking, halloumi, baked beans, mushrooms, hummus, avocado, sweet chilli sauce served with buttered toast.

Not your average cooked brekkie, definitely scoring points for originality! In reality though Jess confessed it was a little saucy… and not in the best sense of the word. There was a lot of dips but not so many dipping instruments as it were. In theory a winner, in practice it needs a bit of work!

Soph wasn’t feeling especially well so ordered something small, choosing a scone with butter and jam.



It arrived as quite the stonker of a scone – huge, homemade aaaand she only managed half of it (but was given a cute box to take it home in!)

I went for my standard go-to breakfast, Eggs Benedict topped with mixed seeds



It was beautifully cooked (although a little dried out – think they spent too long on the pass…) and the perfect amount of oozy drippy egg yolk!

If you’re in the area (or even if you’re not – it’s down the road from West Jesmond metro stop so you have no excuses!) definitely drop by – they do brunch, coffee and cake and evening meals!


One thought on “Brunch at Arlo

  1. WOW! I’ve been wanting to go for AGES and the food in your photos just looks amazing! I think as soon as the students have gone home for the Summer (Jesmond is always so packed during term time!) I’m going to give it a go!

    Chloe x


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