Round Up | Vegan Week

So, vegan week’s come to a close.


It’s not actually been as hard as I expected… I suppose I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian for the past year or so anyway, only eating meat if someone else is cooking it (I often don’t have the patience required to wait for meat to cook, quorn is so much quicker!) or if I have lots of time to kill.

So I guess I don’t know what I expected, I thought it’d be a massive change for me and I’d feel like a new person and that it’d be the biggest challenge of my life etc… but it’s been alright.

I haven’t really done it for long enough to feel like a new woman, maybe I should do it for a month and compare whether that makes an impact?

My skin’s been better than ever, but that may have been a coincidence or have something to do with the facial I had halfway through the week…

But I’ve not noticed a massive increase in energy or brain activity or anything.

The main thing I did notice was the attitudes of other people about veganism. I live largely by the feeling that as long as it’s not hurting anyone people can more or less do what they like, so to find people telling me quite frankly that what I was doing was wrong or weird or just constantly asking why, I was quite surprised. And really, really sympathetic to full-time vegans. It takes biting your tongue and a level of serious commitment to ignore it all and either change their minds or leave them to their ignorance.

I had about 4 ‘cheat meals’ over the week – all when I was with others. It’s impossibly difficult to just say ‘nah I’m good with my salad thanks’ when everyone else is ordering dominoes, and vegan options in restaurants are quite frankly unheard of so I ate meat (or vegetarian) when eating out. I suppose these made the whole week a bit easier but a bit less effective for the whole feeling better within my body thing.

Vegan foods are very difficult to find in your local tesco, unheard of in smaller corner shops, and likely to be substituted in your online shops! If I had access to places like Wholefoods (and the corresponding budget!) I think it’d make it a lot easier – not having the ingredients to make all the beautiful vegan recipes I found on Pinterest made for a relatively bland week of eating. There were a couple of days in which I cooked meals which were vegan but not especially interesting or blog-worthy (think Linda McCartney pies ‘n’ mash… not so inspirational) as it seems the internet is truly lacking easy, affordable vegan recipes – hopefully the few I’ve blogged this week will help to increase the offerings!

This week’s opened my eyes for sure and I want to try a whole month of veganism, but perhaps I’ll save that for when I’m not surrounded by students – they’re a very persuasive bunch who’ll lead you astray! Keep your eyes peeled for a few more vegan recipes here and there, and definitely give it a go yourselves!


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