Everyday Lunch | Soup | Vegan Week

My lunch for the past few months has been exactly the same


Remember my Winter Warmer Soup?

Yep, I wasn’t kidding when I said how good that was!

I’ve made so many variations of this bad boy, basically depending on whatever’s in my cupboards and what I fancy chucking in.

So long as you roast in low’n’slow and season it right, you’re guaranteed perfection.

Peppers, chillies and tomatoes are my personal faves to add, but whatever you fancy will probably taste fantastic.

I’m almost willing it to stay so cold so I don’t have to find something new to have for lunch!

A large bowl of this is perfect to warm me right up, and it’s entirely guilt free as it’s simply vegetables! (although the buttered toast (I use Pure, a vegan spread) perhaps counteracts some of that goodness..)

If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely give it a go and let me know what you think!


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