Pepperoni Pizza | Vegan Week

Ok ok… so a food blog perhaps isn’t the most appropriate of homes for a ‘pepperoni pizza’ recipe. But vegans need days off too!


This is a complete cheat and as lazy as you can get without just buying a premade pizza. Soz.

The truth is that there’s a gap in the market for vegan recipes which don’t involve you traipsing around Holland and Barrett and various other health food stores before turning to Amazon to order various exotic ingredients for £27.59/100g.

So we made do with what we could, bought a readymade pizza base from Waitrose (we really haven’t got the hang of the perfect pizza base on Jake’s xmas prezzie pizza stone yet… one day we will and when that day comes I promise you I’ll blog it) .

We did manage to find some vegan mozzarella and some vegan pepperoni in Holland and Barrett, so voila.


I’m afraid it’s not especially beautiful, or exotic, and wasn’t especially mindblowing… It turns out you really can’t make anything as good as cheese out of coconut oil, nutritional yeast and potato starch. Who’d have guessed it?! Looking slightly like silicone it didn’t melt like you’d want your pizza cheese to melt and had quite a foreign thick creamy texture to it. It wasn’t bad, by any means… It just wasn’t great.

The pepperoni did surprise me though. On opening the pack we both grimaced and shivered and tried ever so hard not to admit that it does in fact look a lot like dog food. We tried it raw and concluded it tasted of nothingness and then spice. But cooked? Not far off that beautiful pepperoni flavour we all love. I wouldn’t choose it over the real deal, but forced to give up meat forever, I wouldn’t hate the stuff.


I shan’t bore you with a tedious recipe – I’m sure you all know how to throw ingredients at a pizza base and make pizza. I guess I just figured I’d share my experiences of the vegan alternatives to our foodie nearest and dearest.

My verdict? Needs a bit more work. In fairness this wasn’t an especially wild dish to try it out on and it was perfectly agreeable. It just didn’t have the ‘wow’-factor… but perhaps I could blame that on my own lack of inspiration.

Have you ever tried any vegan look-a-likes? What do you think?


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