Midweek Thoughts | Vegan Week

I didn’t realise I would already feel so many feels about this vegan fandango..


Here’s just a small roundup of my thoughts over the past few days…

  1. “I’m definitely going to lose tons of weight all I’ll eat is salad”
  2. “Why does everyone want to convert me back?!”
  3. “I wonder what my skin will turn out like after this…”
  4. “OMG BBQ Doritos are a thing and are vegan? Must buy a huge sharing pack for me and all my vegan friends (k just Jake then)”
  5. “Ok so there’s actually quite a few unhealthy vegan things. Like the Doritos I just demolished. Whoops.”
  6. “Good vegan food is so expensive.”
  7. “Cheese.”
  8. “Vegan recipes are sooo difficult to find”
  9. “Why can I not find nutritional yeast ANYWHERE”
  10. “Am I glowing? Can everyone see the health and morals radiating out of me?!”
  11. “Crap… chocolate isn’t vegan. Nobody saw did they?!”
  12. “Seriously, why is everyone asking me if I want meat/dairy?”
  13. “How many times… meat isn’t the only food containing protein I am not malnourished!!!”
  14. “Oh god, do I really have to go for a black coffee from Waitrose?! Oh god oh god this is going to be vile oh god… wait. It’s actually quite good. I am a sophisticated Italian chica now”
  15. “How many cheat days am I allowed before it becomes plain cheating?”
  16. “No.. vegans don’t eat chicken. Yes, vegans can eat pasta. No, I’m not starving. Yes, there are alternatives to milk. No, I don’t want a cheese toastie, thanks.”
  17. “This is harder than I expected.”
  18. “Thank GOD peanut butter is vegan omgomgomgomg pass me all the spoons”
  19. “So a steak isn’t vegan? Even if I have it with loads of salad? Oh pleeeaaasseee”

So, yeah. It seems I can’t face being told I can’t do something. Even though I put myself up to this, I’m struggling more than I thought I would. I’m not one for holding myself back.. I have a very self indulgent personality and usually if I want something I’ll have it (within reason, obvs). So it’s a bit of a shock to the system to then not be allowed to have what I want.

Also, I’m super shocked by how little people know or understand about veganism, and how much people see it as a challenge and something which is their divine right to change. People are really uncomfortable with accepting it when I say I’m vegan, wrinkle up their noses and ask why. Then proceed to shove chicken in my face to try to tempt me… It’s a world I’d never experienced before and really think should change.

I’m not yet feeling super spritely or energetic or cleansed, but I guess it’s not been long enough to tell? I’ll preserver and let you know how I get on!


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