Everyday Breakfast | Chocolate & Banana Porridge | Vegan Week

Winter mornings are just so gross aren’t they?

Cold, rainy and plain miserable.


The closest thing I can get to staying in bed for another hour or so is a big comforting bowl of porridge (which I eat in bed… hehehe)

I always have chocolatey porridge with banana, it’s like a big hug in a bowl and sets me up with plenty of energy to tackle the day ahead.

In my dairy eating days I made porridge with cows milk, a large dollop of nutella and slices of banana.

However, to my horror and dismay, nutella isn’t vegan. I KNOW. Maybe I wouldn’t have taken on such a challenge if I’d have known.

I didn’t even eat nutella that often (aside from in my breakfast…) but knowing I can’t have it? It’s a killer.

I did manage to find this in Holland and Barrett though…

A vegan, gluten-free, all singing all dancing squeezy chocolate sauce, perfect for hot chocolates, milkshakes, in porridge, on toast, over ice cream, everything.

It even claims to have 14 calories per teaspoon. Revolutionary.

It’s pretty good.

I have a biiig dollop of it in my porridge along with some sliced banana and it’s warming and makes me happy on a miserable morning.

Nowhere near as good as nutella, I hasten to add. But what is?

Its main ingredient is apple.. and how good can a chocolate spread be which can’t use any dairy or nuffin’, let’s be honest. It has a slightly funny artificial taste which isn’t for everyone, but it sure helps in my time of chocolate craving need (which has been every. single. night recently!)

Have you got any other chocolate alternatives I should try?

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