Katy-Jane’s Vegan Week

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I’m going vegan for a week or so…

My reasons are mixed.

Of course, there’s the moral animals are the best things ever we shouldn’t eat them side of things, but I also recognise that it can be a healthy way of living. Meat is full of baddies (heck, you only need to google bacon and you’re thrown 50 obesity/cancer warnings) and dairy is infamous for its negative effects on your skin and many even claim humans are dairy intolerant.

In fact, a vegan diet supposedly gives you more energy, youthful looking skin and keeps your weight down. So, after a pretty indulgent Christmas and study period in January, it seems a pretty tempting detox. Who knows, maybe I’ll part ways with my dairy and meat loves for good.

So, I’ve cleared my fridge of milk, cheese, even my beloved chorizo, and replaced it all with veg, fruit and meat alternatives.

I figured I’ll take you all on this little adventure with me, share some recipes and just show you what I’m eating, what works and what doesn’t.

I have no idea where this week will take me, how many ‘cheat days’ I’ll end up taking or how many changes I’ll notice in my body but I’ll take you along for the ride!

Feel free to join in and let me know if you do, and wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Katy-Jane’s Vegan Week

  1. Doing something similar, but for a month! I actually started a blog last week just because I want to do a different healthy ‘lifestyle’ each month until I find one that works best for me and I’m starting with vegan! Good luck on your journey as well 🙂


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