Study Tour

It’s been time exam and essay time so I’ve been living in my study, and that’s naturally led to procrastination by interior design


This meant spending my study breaks organising everything and making it all look beautiful. And as it was tidy and looking pretty I figured I’d show you around

(Not to mention I promised to do a study tour when I did my room tour many moons ago and never got round to it!)

As I have the smallest bedroom in the house (which doesn’t fit a desk) I also have the study to use, which I love. It seems so much better to have my work space separate from my relaxation space as it means once my pen’s been put down I can leave any concentration and stress behind when I leave.


My recent obsession with Pinterest has led me to love these montage walls and typography in general, meaning I’ve spent many a revision break doodling and creating my own typography to put up everywhere I can. And to keep me going through a painfully long January of revision and essay writing, they’re all of a motivational nature

I picked up the butterfly poster at a stall during Freshers’ Week and love it, the “you make my heart go boom” postcard was free with a purchase from, then the rest I made myself!

2015 diary/iPhone 5 cover/Pen pot/Memo pad/Reed Diffuser/Faux Plant/Fairy lights



Working with an area which is prescribed for you in terms of furniture can sometimes be quite tricky, but I always try to move it around and make it feel as homely as possible. For me this meant adding decorations where possible, be it cushions or throws or wall art


Also to inject some colour and life into what could otherwise be an awfully bland and lifeless room I added these faux potted plants from Ikea (as 1. I cannot be trusted to keep plants alive, and 2. Newcastle is waaayy too cold for plants to live through winter!)

I’m really happy with my study and want to collect more postcards to make it even more homely!

What do you think?

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