hello 2015

The clock struck midnight, I have a sore head and it’s time to consider 2015..


2014 was a pretty average year for me as years go, I nicely bumbled my way through and came out the other side smiling.

If I’m honest, I make New Year’s resolutions every year then forget them around 20th January.. but why not continue the tradition and pretend I intend to do good this year.

1/ Organise my life
I got this 2015 diary for christmas and fully intend to actually make use of it – write in appointments, schedule things and make sure it’s full to the brim with dates to look forward to.

2/ Exercise a lil
This will be the case for just about all us basic bitches who’re making New Year’s resolutions. I ate too much over the holidays. I now have podge. I want to get rid of said podge. Also I got these Roshes for my birthday and wanna show them the love they deserve, so running/gym sessions are on the cards, as well as making every effort to go to every dance class I can!

3/ Eat healthier – and blog it!
Jake and I have a few too many evenings in which result in carb comas. As much as I love these, they’re not the best for my aforementioned waistline so I’ll try to swap them for a healthier option where possible. Perhaps a vegan week is also on the cards just to try it out? Also I’ve sucked at blogging lately which I’m gonna try to work harder on so there may be more foodie posts, watch this space…

4/ Drink drink drink
Less tea more water. I want to try to hydrate myself so much that headaches are but a fond memory.

5/ Set that alarm!
I am hands down the laziest person ever. I therefore get nothing done ever because I’m constantly dreaming of my bed… let’s see if 2015 is the year of 9am starts and taking over the world.

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