2014 Round Up

As lovely as it is to launch into the new year and not look back, I’ve always been one for a bit of reminiscing


2014 was a pretty nice year for me really, I started up this lovely blog, I explored and travelled and spent a lot of timeĀ  eating pizza with my nearest and dearest.

January was a time for lots of studying but its fair share of partying

February brought dance rehearsals, setting up this blog and plenty of foodie adventures

March saw a poorly, exhausted Cat in a spectacular dance show with Newcastle University Dance Society

April was the month of Easter celebrations and a lovely weeklong stay in Salcombe, Devon with all my family

May brought the Dance Society ball – an evening of glamourous shenanigans

June was sunny and lovely – full of revision but also barbecues, parties and wanders

July brought summertime adventures, the highlight of which being a trip around Italy – a holiday to remember.

August is the month of holidays – cue a ten day trip to Portugal

In September I settled into my new house, fell more in love with Newcastle and came out of my shell a little

October held a few weekends away; Edinburgh for our anniversary, London for my birthday and popping back home for a relaxing weekend.

November was spent library & rehearsal hopping – but definitely worth it as we came first place in the Durham dance competition!

December was difficult for my family but full of celebration nonetheless – a month of making the most of what we have, fondly remembering what we’ve lost and making new memories to treasure.

So all in all I guess 2014s been a blooming nice year, let’s hope 2015 is just as kind to me!

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