The Diner

Remember I mentioned October being full of treats and celebrations?

Well, my sister’s got a lil place in London and invited me down to visit for my birthday. She asked me what I wanted to do, and I knew immediately.



From reading many a blog of likes of The Londoner and Essie Button, I wanted to get down and dirty and try a proper American inspired burger joint.


We had a wander and came across The Diner, which seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Burgers? Check

Loaded fries? Check

Big, creamy milkshakes? Check

Relaxed, urban atmosphere? Check



It took us rather a while to decide on just one burger, I really need to one day pluck up the courage to simply order everything off the menu

But alas, I restrained myself and settled for just the one burger



 I settled for the Diablo

8oz USDA burger made from Rib, Sirloin, Filet & Chuck on a Diner Bun, topped with Bacon, Jalapeno Mayo and Monterey Jack Cheese


Jen went for the Original Burger

No frills, just a pure good burger


With a side of Onion Rings

BUT I left the best till last…


Ho-ly Mo-ly Wow.

Meet the Hanger Fries.

Crispy skinny fries, topped with cheese, smokey onions & burger sauce.


I was dying to try one of their shakes but I simply did not have room, I guess there’s always next time!

Instead we went for a long walk to walk off our food babies



Aren’t the poppies beautiful?



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