Edinburgh – A Weekend in Photos

For mine and Jake’s three year anniversary we hopped on a train and sailed up through the Scottish countryside to Edinburgh


We checked ourselves into our hotel, admired the view from our balcony



Then headed out for a day of sightseeing and general touristy goodness







After a long day of wandering, perusing and snooping we meandered back to the hotel.

We hopped into the shower, snuggled into our fluffy dressing gowns and slippers (which may have made their way home with me..) and had a little snooze before dinner.

Waking up refreshed, we glammed ourselves up and slid into our posh frocks (or trousers in J’s case) and headed out to Twenty

I’m afraid I didn’t blog any of the meal as it was a fairly fancy, romantic affair but rest assured the food was absolutely amazing, wine went down a treat and as always the company was a delight!

After a beautiful night’s sleep in the most comfortable bed ever, we arose and excitedly packed up our bags.

For we were going to the zoo!


Anyone ever tell you Scotland’s cold?

I guess I should have known, but I didn’t pack sufficiently.. however a short trip to Primark kitted me out to brave the blustery hilltops!





I’ve decided pandas are my spirit animal… if there ever was a whole species of me, we’d be as pathetic and lazy as pandas are.

(An apology: university + blog are becoming quite difficult for me to juggle at the minute – I’ve been absolutely swamped in deadlines and exams lately and obviously the degree comes first! I’ve been trying to plan posts and when I get a spare moment I’m going to try to write as many up as possible to schedule – sorry sorry!)

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh – A Weekend in Photos

    • It was the Glasshouse Hotel – but of a splurge but since it was just the one night and a special occasion we thought we’d treat ourselves!

      The zoo is definitely worth it – doesn’t take the whole day but it’s lovely to see all the animals and is just a nice afternoon out!



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