Mini Autumn Haul 2014

It was only about 10 days into August and I was already craving Autumn

Snuggling up in outfits of soft wooly jumpers and bold monochrome prints is just perfect, and I look forward to it every year.

I already have a hell of a lot of jumpers etc from last year, so I just picked up a few accessories and then some basics which will take me right through winter.


Firstly I picked up this cute little bargain to attempt to entice some organisation into my makeup bag (and avoid the lipstick exploding over your handbag fiasco I’ve encountered far too many times lately)

£3.50 from Forever 21, can’t go wrong.


Next I found my favourite purchase of the millennium.


The snuggliest, softest, warmest, most versatile blanket ever.


I think I’ll dedicate a whole blog post to this beauty in the next week or so as I’m so besotted, so watch this space..


Anyone else head over heels for the casual pocket tshirt trend at the minute?

I can’t get enough of the comfort, ease and style of them. I’ve had a white one which saw me through summer and for the next few months I figured a black and grey one would be essential.

A cheeky £4 each from eBay and become a nice surprise when they arrive (takes a month from China.. soz guys you can’t have it all!), and I’ve had them a week and worn nothing else.


Sometimes in life you have to pull off your onesie, slide into some stilettos and go out.

Aaaaaaaaand rumour has it fresher’s week is happening again this year. You heard anything similar?

Any excuse for a new outfit. Both top and shorts are from Forever 21, both a bargain.

Top’s not so versatile but I can’t get enough of the shorts, can tell they’ll make frequent appearances throughout the year.


How many things can I buy in this print do you reckon? (I have my eye on a coat in the same monochromatic geometric print.. oopsie)

I’m gonna call this my cardimo/kimogan.. fusing together my two loves of 2014, it’s essentially a kimono in cardigan material.

Not sure I need to sell it to you any more.

(Also check the pack of like a gazillion rings and midi rings from H&M for £4!)

This should keep me happy till at least November..

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