Great British Bake Off Drinking Game

If you’re British and have a television, hopefully you’ll have enough sense to be watching the Great British Bake Off


So let’s make this a little more fun… Introducing GBBO Drinking Game.

GBBO Title

Grab a bottle of wine (or tesco value vodka, I’m not gonna judge) and a group of friends and hop to it.

(Alternatively, brew the kettle, make a huge teapot and grab a pack of biscuits..)

I’ve adapted some rules from here but since it’s last year’s, I’ve added a few of my own..

(Obviously drink responsibly blah blah you know the drill!)

On your marks, get set, BAKE

To start: Start drinking as soon as Sue and Mel appear on the screen, don’t stop until a pun/filthy innuendo/Paul Hollywood joke has been made.

Drink 1 finger every time…

  • Richard has a pencil behind his ear
  • Chetna is seen wearing bright trainers
  • Kate mentions Brighton
  • Mel and Sue make an innuendo
  • Paul criticises a bake, with 2 more fingers if Mary follows with a tactful but backhanded compliment
  • “Soggy Bottom”
  • “Good bake”
  • “Under/Overbake”
  • “I’ll give it another minute”

Drink 2 fingers every time…

  • Chetna incorporates a unique blend of spices into a recipe
  • Paul winks
  • Paul masks a compliment as a criticism
  • Mel and Sue steal food
  • Mary gives a silent but clearly disappointed glance

Drink 3 fingers every time…

  • Someone prays/sits in front of the oven
  • Paul takes a power stance
  • Nancy brings a tool her husband made

Down your drink every time…

  • Someone adds the wrong ingredient
  • Someone forgets to add an ingredient at all
  • Someone bins a cake
  • Panning shot of the countryside

And after this you’ll be forgiven for never wanting to see cake again (until next week…)

Share with your friends and spread the joy!

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