Busy Body Bruscetta

I’ve developed somewhat of an infatuation with red onion of late.


It’s going on and in everything I eat – why was I ever wasting time with its inferior sister?!

I’ve also been working a silly amount recently (hence the lack of blog posts – sorry!) and usually only have chance for a quick something before I dash out.

Thus, the Busy Body Bruscetta was born.


Beautifully crispy bread with a smattering of crispy red onion, tangy tomatoes and smoky pancetta, and a good kick of basil. Not to mention the drizzled olive oil and balsamic glaze…


You can chuck whatever you like on it, but I used a handful of chopped red onion, handful of chopped cherry toms and handful of chopped pancetta then a few olives.

This is a true ‘whatevers in the fridge’ kinda dish, which is usually my fave kind.




Sizzle it all in a frying pan until cooked and softened

Toast your bread (I used panini rolls for this one but the end crusts from a loaf also work perfectly!)

Pile it all up (I add another handful of raw red onion for a bit of crunch), drizzle over a good glug of olive oil, lavish with balsamic glaze and smatter with chopped fresh basil


And bob’s your uncle!

A fuss-free, beautifully tasty and sorta kinda a lil healthy brunch/lunch/dinner idea

(And lets face it, it looks that little bit more fancy than pb on toast!)


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