katy jane calamity.


I kinda broke my laptop.

It was a very heartbreaking affair involving plenty of wails and cries for my papa to call the ambulance (for the laptop) and provide gas and air (for me)

Which means many of my photos since the last time I backed it up have been lost (thankfully only about a month’s worth but still, all my Italy photos!!) and I’m currently without my beloved photoshop. I’m currently making do with my sister’s laptop whilst she’s away traveling but with the limited editing software I’m struggling.

And it doesn’t help that my cameras on the blink too.

(by that I mean I fiddled too much with settings I didn’t understand and now all photos are coming out overexposed.. anyone who’s good with cameras your help would be greatly appreciated in getting it back to normal!)

So I’m making do with my iPhone, some charming instagram filters and my sister’s laptop for writing it all up, apologies!

Hopefully all will be right again within a few weeks, sorry and I hope you bear with me!Sign-off

One thought on “katy jane calamity.

  1. For the over exposure, chuck the camera into auto. If the photos are still overexposed, check that you haven’t changed the exposure compensation bracketing.

    If none of this works, google how to ‘factory reset’ your camera, just make sure you remove the memory card first!


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