Iced Latte

There’s no better way to get your afternoon caffeine fix in Summer than with an Iced Latte

7 - Copy

When out and about I always see these beauties so decided to give them a go at home, and they’re so easy it’d be cruel not to share!

I’ve made coffee ice cubes which you pop into a glass of milk and watch them melt away into a marbled delight of coffee and milk.

Also you can vary the strength of the coffee with the number of coffee cubes used, genius!

All you’ll need is an ice tray, some milk and some coffee

I used instant coffee and just made up a jug of about 400ml of coffee using packet instructions

Pour into an ice tray, pop it into the freezer till ready (overnight’s usually best), then get cracking!

1 - Copy

(Ice tray from IKEA)

2 - Copy

3 - Copy

Pop your ice cubes into a mug (I used 4-5 in mine)


Fill with milk

5 - Copy

4 - Copy

Watch the colours intermingle in a beautiful watercolour

6 - Copy

7 - Copy

Pop in a straw and get slurping!


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