Belper River Gardens

Whenever the Mr’s birthday comes around, I think days out top giving gifts


Last year I set the bar pretty high by taking him for a two day stay at Hoarcross Hall Spa Resort which was outrageously good.

Obviously it’s difficult to beat that (especially with my student budget), but I did my best.

This year his birthday took us to Belper River Gardens; a tranquil, beautiful set of gardens facing the River Derwent.

I packed up a picnic, bundled up blankets and hopped into the car for a beautiful drive through quaint Derbyshire villages to get there



On such a beautiful day, there was only one thing for it: we rented a boat to row down the river


We jumped into a boat aptly named ‘Princess’, and Jake immediately took over the oars and became captain for the day, leaving me to sit back and basque in the sunshine (perhaps I should have rowed, since it was his birthday… but y’know, he seemed happy enough taking control!)



Since we’d arrived fairly early we had the river to ourselves, with completely unspoilt views spanning as far as the eye could see


We rested the oars down and popped open a bottle of bubbly and tucked into some strawbs






(Don’t mind the frightfully fashionable life jackets…)

Then, filled with Dutch courage, I took over to get us back home


But perhaps should have left it to the expert.

We pulled up and headed to the gorgeous bandstand for our picnic


(my camera died round about now so sorry for rubbish iphone photos!)



With pastries, tartlets, salads, pastas and chips ‘n’ dips, I’d say it was a preeeettyy good picnic, if I do say so myself.



Food in the shade, lazy oaf in the sun – it’s the perfect set up!

I’ll be posting the recipes for everything in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled

Sign Off

2 thoughts on “Belper River Gardens

  1. Wow, what a perfect day! I’m not sure I’d be very good at rowing though, I’m pretty sure I’d just go round and round in circles!

    Chloe x


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