Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub

Combining food and beauty, this post is a twist on what we’re used to from my kitchen!


I’m sharing with you my homemade sugar lip scrub, made with just 5 ingredients, and all things you’ll find around the house.

Olive Oil, to naturally moisturise and condition your lips (replenishing the oils which have been lost and caused dryness or chapping)

Honey has natural properties of moisturising and healing, and also has natural antibacterial powers, meaning it prevents infection from developing in those cracked areas, and moisturisers.

Our loyal old friend Petroleum Jelly seals in moisture to keep it from peskily escaping!

Sugar exfoliates the lips, removing those dead, dry skin cells from the surface to reveal the peachy plumpy pout below!

And you can add a teeny bit of your favourite lip balm for a bright colour and fruity scent which will linger even after the scrub’s gone!


Mix together:

1 tsp Olive Oil

1 tbsp Sugar (I chose granulated sugar as it’s grainier, but if you want a softer exfoliation go for a caster or brown sugar)

1 tbsp Honey

1 tsp Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline or similar)

1/4 tsp your favourite lip balm


(I chose my Cranberry Joy Lip Balm from The Body Shop, as I find it a little sticky to wear but love the colour and scent)



Mix together thoroughly, pop it into a sealable container and never worry about chapped lips again!


You’ll only need a small amount, just take it on your finger and rub it all over your lips in circular motions to scrub off any nasties


Then you don’t even have to wash it off, you can just lick it all off as all the ingredients are edible!


To reveal beautifully soft, moisturised lips!

This will also help your lipsticks and glosses glide on better as they won’t settle in any crevises on your lips’ surface – more bonuses!

And this isn’t just one for the girls, leave out the pink lip balm and boys can have themselves the perfect barrier against winter chapped lips (perhaps two seasons too early, but you can get perfecting your recipe!)

Sign Off

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