Lane 7

Exams are over, and like true university students we thought we’d let loose, go wild and go… bowling


We took our celebrations to Lane 7, a modern, cool, bowling alley in the heart of Newcastle.

Forget everything you’ve known about bowling alleys.. forget the bright flashy plastic, the noisy 2p machines, the dreadful plastic hotdogs of your childhood.


Lane 7 is a stylish bar, with a pretty enviable drool-worthy food and cocktail menu, with all the fun of a bowling alley, mini golf, karaoke and ping pong thrown in.



It really isn’t like anything you’ve seen before.





We queued up, got the traditional clown-feet bowling shoes (sorry guys, there’s no chance of these things having a makeover), raced over to the bar and then headed over to our lanes






Some had more interesting techniques than others, with Amiee definitely sporting the most elaborate moves!

As for me? I was a little more timid in my approach



With a preeeeeetty tense wait whilst the ball meandered down the lane.

(For the record, go with Amiee’s mad body-hurling leg-kicking technique. She won by miles!)

We didn’t try much of the food other than their sweet potato fries and french fries which were incredible, and I’m dying to pop down again to sample the menu properly soon!

Would definitely recommend Lane 7 for a catch up with friends, a fun and casual date, or even the destination before a night on the toon!

Play a couple of games, have a bite to eat and a couple of drinks, then head right out into town straight after.

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