May Lustlist

As my money comes in at the start of every month, I find that towards the end the funds are dwindling, and I end up with an endless list of things I want to buy as soon as the calender turns it’s pages.


As I’m moving out of my first year student accommodation in just a matter of weeks, I’m looking ahead to September where we move into a proper house (!!), and I’ll have my own bedroom (without blue painted brick walls!) and study to play around with, I’ve been looking at various home accessories to make it a little more ‘me’.

Of course, as it’s a rented house we can’t do anything with the furniture, or anything long-term with the walls, so it’s all about accessories and paying attention to detail.

In the kitchen:

Bit of a boring one first – electric scales! The ones I use at the minute are some mechanical ones my flatmate bought to uni, and I use them daily! But have to get some of my own now we’re living separately next year..

I have my eye on these ones by Salter, on sale for £6 in Asda!


Whilst at uni the majority of my crockery and glasses have gone walkies, so I probably won’t invest again in anything nice for next year as I’m sure they’ll meet their fate in a similar way.

But as soon as I’m in a house of my own- – £6.95 each


In the study:

I’m lucky enough to have my own study next year!

I pulled the short straw with getting the smallest bedroom, so I was given the study.

I intend on clean worksurfaces, clear walls (other than a large black and white photograph I already have from this year) and lots of plants and candles!


Plant Pot – £7 – Ikea / Candle – £12.99 – TK Maxx / Potted Plant – £12 – Ikea

In the bedroom:

As I said before, my bedroom is going to be pretty small so I’m going to have to be careful how I decorate it!

I’m therefore going for plain white bedsheets, and accessorising with bright scatter cushions, candles etc.

I have my eye on this absolute beauty from, but at £29 a pop I think it’s a bit excessive just for a uni room!


I’m therefore on the hunt for similar or even similar fabric so I can make my own (let me know if you find anything!)

I intend on making the other ones for my bedroom as well over summer (keep your eyes peeled for a DIY post)

And ever since Ikea released this mirror I’ve been lusting over it, maybe this year’s the year?!


In the wardrobe:


Oversized T-Shirt – £16 – River Island / Powder Blue Cami – £14 – River Island / Floral Fringe Kimono – £24.99 – New Look / White High Waist Trousers – £18.50 – ASOS / Tropical Floral Jumpsuit – £45 – River Island


Longline Bra – £16 – ASOS / Leather Holdall – £299 – / Rose Gold Anchor Anklet – £14.50 – Etsy


And I won’t even get into all the beauty products I’m lusting over!

What have you got your eyes on this month?

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