Benefit ‘Happy Beauty Day!’

I have a confession to make. I’ve never tried any Benefit make up.


I know this will horrify many of you out there and for that I can only apologise.

My main reason is the price. I have no idea if I’ll get on with the products long-term, so I never invest in case it was a mistake.


I spotted this ‘Happy Beauty Day’ kit in the impulse buy bit right by the tills of Boots, and threw caution to the wind and chucked it in my basket.

It was £9.95, but worth a total £23, and provides perfect tester sizes of their primer, a cheek/lip tint and mascara, providing me with the perfect opportunity to give the brand a go!


Beautifully packaged in a hot pink box stuffed with shredded tissues, this would make the perfect gift to a friend, or just a cheeky treat to yourself!

Also, as they’re so small they’re perfect for popping into your handbag without being too big and bulky.


Their POREfessional Primer promises to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines to give you super smooth skin.

You apply this oil-free, translucent balm to lightly moisturised skin, patting it onto the problem areas.

The texture of this product is amazing, it feels so light and fluffy, as though you’re simply patting magic air into your face!

14 16

As you can see from the left photograph, my pores are fairly visible up close, and under my eyes I have some fine lines.

The right photograph was taken without any foundation or concealer on, just the primer, and you can see the difference the primer alone makes!

It reduced the appearance of pores and the fine lines (to an extent) around my eyes, and I found this lasted for a good few hours.

I’ve only worn it the once so far and that was only for a few hours in the evening for dinner, so I’m yet to test it’s staying power on a full day.

Retailing at £24.50 it’s a little out of my everyday makeup budget for now, but I’d definitely recommend it and will keep it in mind for payday!


Next up is the BAD gal lash mascara (RRP £17.50)


In jet black, with a thick brush wand.


I found the colour was great and it performed much the same as any other mascara.. I wasn’t exactly blown away by it.

It covered my lashes fairly well and they appeared longer and thicker and the formula wasn’t at all clumpy, however I found the wand difficult to use to get right into the corner of my lashes to get the shorter ones.

Also I usually prefer plastic comb wands over these thicker bristled wands, as I find the mascara with thicker wands come out much drier, perhaps that’s just me. But I definitely found this sample was fairly dry and therefore not as easy to work with, although that may have just been a quality of the sample size which you may not find in the full size.

9 10

Left: Before, Right: After.

It does the job as a mascara but it’s not for me!


Finally we have the Posie Tint, a Poppy-Tinted Cheek and Lip Stain


I’ve heard plenty about lip and cheek tints but have always been a bit scared to try them. I was always worried about getting bright pink stripes across my cheeks.. not a good look.

When opening the gorgeous metallic rose pink bottle my nerves were hardly calmed as I was confronted with this neon barbie pink liquid gel.

However I needn’t have worried, upon dabbing a little onto my cheek and blending, a lovely pink shade developed on my cheek, and it blended beautifully


I didn’t find it had such a massive effect as a lip tint, and had to apply two coats to notice a difference, but the result was a very wearable everyday pink, which I love


Overall I love this set, and I’m definitely going to invest in some more Benefit treats as soon as my bank account permits!

Let me know if you enjoyed my first beauty blog post, it’s something a bit new but I really enjoyed doing it!


2 thoughts on “Benefit ‘Happy Beauty Day!’

  1. I was given a little Benefit set for Christmas with the Posie Tint in it, and I found that it’s a lovely little product – it just gives the right flush of pink! Their plush lip glosses are also really good; they go on smoothly have a nice texture. I have to say that the packaging always appeals to me, regardless of how good the product is or not, haha!


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