Pistachio & Pesto Pasta

There’s nothing new about pesto pasta. It’s many student’s go-to, easy recipe


This is only a slight twist on the original, but makes the world of difference.

I adore pine nuts in my pesto pasta but they’re far too expensive for me to justify as a grocery staple.. these pistachios are inexpensive and give the same lovely soft crunch as pine nuts

Can I even say the pistachios make it slightly healthier?



Either way, they make it ten times tastier, and that’s a fact.

I used:

Two balls of fresh tagliatelle

Drizzle Sunflower Oil

2 Handfuls Quorn Chicken Pieces

Large Tablespoon Pesto

Handful or 2 of Pistachios, de-shelled and chopped

Handful Rocket Leaves

Drizzle Lemon Juice

Sprinkle Salt & Pepper

Sprinkle Garlic Powder

Sprinkle Parmesan

Handful Black Olives (halved)


1. Cook the chicken in a frying pan

2. Boil up a saucepan of water, chuck in your fresh pasta

3. When boiled, drain the water, add the rocket and stir in.

4. Tip in the chicken pieces and olives, stir

5. Add the pesto, garlic powder, salt, pepper and lemon juice, stir till it’s evenly distributed

6. Transfer to a bowl, sprinkle over pistachios and grated parmesan




A super easy and quick weekday dinner which still feels a little bit special!

Also, I have a new facebook, twitter and instagram page as well as the blog’s new look!

Go follow, and let me know what you think to the blog’s face lift, along with any suggestions of improvements I can make!


2 thoughts on “Pistachio & Pesto Pasta

  1. So happy I’ve found your blog 🙂 Love discovering a new North East blog especially one that’s full of nice restaurant reviews … YAY 🙂

    Given you a little follow on bloglovin so I don’t miss your updates!

    Chloe x


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