Cafe Royal

After spending every night in the library for the last week or more, on deadline day I was in dire need of good food, good company and very importantly: a glass of bubbly.


Clambering out of my study hibernation with bleary eyes and few communication skills (ok, a little overdramatic perhaps!) I handed in all my assignments and met Sophie for lunch


We went for Cafe Royal, a stunning cafe bistro with amazing food and the lovely, smiley type of waitresses that make you love dining out (grumbly waitresses are my biggest pet hate)


We were seated up on the balcony upstairs, viewing the antics in the kitchen on one side, and the hustle and bustle of the highstreet the other.


Downstairs is a lovely little cafe, perfect for a catch up over a cuppa



We were handed our menus and delved straight in


I ordered a glass of rosé prosecco with fresh raspberries – if deadline day isn’t a cause for celebration I don’t know what is!


And Soph went for a much more appropriate Breakfast Smoothie


Granola, Banana, Strawberries, Honey, Yoghurt and Milk. All blended into one lovely drink – genius.

The service was super speedy; within a few minutes of ordering, our beautifully presented dishes were swiftly placed infront of us


And they were a sight for sore eyes


I’d gone for a bruschetta


Iberico Ham (bit like parma ham but thicker and smokier), Cannellini Bean and Buffalo Mozzarella Bruschetta, topped with dollops of Salsa Rosso


I’d never had cannellini bean before but it’s definitely going to be something I’ll play around with at home, so so tasty!

The whole ensemble was just perfect.. crusty bread, soft creamy cannellini bean,  smoky Iberico ham, tangy tomatoes, and a crunchy salad.



(Their fries are AMAZING, like McDonalds but y’know, nice.)


And Soph went for the vibrant Spring Vegetable and Mint Risotto


Topped with a pretty little flower – does it get any better?


I’ve never tasted anything like that risotto, perfectly creamy and the flavours were so strong and complimented each other perfectly.. as put perfectly by Sophie “but vegetables NEVER taste this good?!”

She was right. It was pure wizardry.

Full to the brim we declined dessert, a decision we regretted later (after all, there’s always room for dessert)

And we made our way to buy handbags (cheered me up nicely from the dessert fiasco) and gossip the day away.

Cafe Royal, you’ll be seeing us again very soon.


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