Drizzly Ol’ Blighty

Chances are, you too spend half your time puddle-hopping around our showery Brittania, 20% of your vision stolen by the brim of your brolly.


This weekend was no exception to the lovely English tradition. Jake and I had planned to head out for an intensive, all day library sesh (armed with homemade flapjacks – Jake is addicted)

However, the British skies had other ideas.


It rained, it poured, by jove it monsooned.

Seeking shelter (and a good strong coffee), we spotted Willi’s CafĂ© and scuttled in, shaking like wet dogs in the doorway.


Willi’s is an effortlessly stylish little coffee house, and has caught my eye since I moved to Newcastle in September. Tucked away on a street of shops you need to ring the bell to be let into (with scarily well dressed & groomed shop assistants, you know the kind), you’d almost expect Willi’s to be deserted. But every time I pass, it’s packed.

That’s when you know you’re onto a winner.



(It did quieten down later on – I don’t like taking photos in outrageously busy places!)

Now, disappointingly the coffee machine was broken on this dreary Saturday morning, causing a mildly tantrumy Jake… But we settled for big pots of tea and got to the busy of studying the menu



The veggie options are a bit limited, much to our disappointment, so J opted for a croissant and a teacake, and I plumped for Eggs Benedict with Bacon



Mine was absolutely beautiful, the Hollandaise sauce was buttery and creamy, perfectly complimenting the salty bacon below.


Not to mention the oozy egg yolks trickling down to form bright amber puddles.

And as far as I’m aware, J’s was also fantastic, judging by the speed at which it was wolfed down!


Once the plates were cleared and the teapots were empty, we begrudgingly sloped back out into the rain.

Swapping sodden clothes for warm and dry pyjamas, we clambered back into bed for a lazy saturday of comedy programmes.

Not quite the productive library sesh we’d intended… next time I promise.

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