Makin’ a Mess, Eton Style

Eton Mess is the classic, fuss-free British Summertime dessert

15 cover

And what an attractive pud it is


Made only of thick cream, meringue and berries, it’s the perfect dessert to whip up last minute and still create quite a buzz around the table.

This dish was initially served at Eton College, although there’s speculation over where the name arose..

One story is that a Labrador dog sat on a picnic basket, squashing a strawberry and meringue dessert, and the owners tried it and loved it anyway.

I guess one mutt’s bum is another man’s culinary epiphany.


To make 5 desserts I used:

500g frozen mixed berries

6 meringues

2tsp sugar

400ml extra thick double cream

200ml greek yoghurt

I used the greek yoghurt to make it a little thicker, but you could use all yoghurt or all cream if you like (yoghurt’s the slightly healthier option!)


First, whip up the cream so it’s even thicker and holds its shape well, then add the yoghurt (if using) and the sugar to taste

(my berries were fairly sharp so I used a little more sugar)


Break up the meringues into little pieces and stir into the cream


Stir in 2-3 handfuls of berries (only enough to give the marbled effect)


Now for the fun part, the construction!

I used spherical glasses to do individual portions but you could make a huge one

And I wouldn’t follow these steps too carefully.. afterall it is meant to be a mess so you can’t really go wrong!

Pop a small handful of berries and some meringue in the bottom of the glass


Add a big dollop of yoghurt/meringue/berry mix

Top with a crumble of meringue


Dollop some more cream on, and squeeze a bit of berry juice for a bright zap of colour


Add a generous handful of berries and tada!




A beautiful harmony of sweet crunchy meringues, creamy yoghurt, and sharp and sweet berries


Sumptuous, Indulgent and Sticky.

Three things every person should aim to be.


Also if anyone has tried any of my recipes or restaurant recommendations I’d love to know what you think or see photos! So please do leave a comment/tweet me/tag me in an instagram photo/whatever so I can see! And any shares of my posts would be enormously appreciated, the wider audience I have the more enthusiasm I’ll gain for creating bigger better blog posts 🙂 And of course a massive massive thank you to everyone’s feedback so far, it’s always lovely to see people are enjoying the posts as I adore creating them! Lots of calorie-filled-love xxx


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