Sunny Salcombe

Every year around Easter, my family and I pack up the cars and head down South to either Devon or Cornwall.

It’s been a family tradition since before I was born.


This year Salcombe’s our patch for exploration, staying in a lovely house on the top of a hill, with a balcony overlooking this stuning view over the town!

We set out to explore the town on Sunday after settling in Saturday.

We did a food shop in the morning, ready to have our feast of a lunch.

A spin on the traditional Ploughman’s Lunch, we always have a spread full of meats, cheeses, dips, patés, crisps, pies and other goodies


32  4 5

And then all dive in to fill our plates


After a few helpings and then a generous slice or two of Granny’s fruit cake, we wandered down to the town to explore


Salcombe’s a coastal town, very popular with sailors and yachters.

If you recognise the name, it may be because Jack Wills was founded here!
However the Jack Wills store in Salcombe was absolutely miniscule, made up of two teeny tiny rooms and a changing room upstairs.


The main street of shops is just a road away from the sea, meaning at every crossroads you’re met by sparkling blue waters.



The gorgeous british sun bathed us in its warmth, bringing out families, couples and sailors out to play


With children lining the waterfront with buckets, bait and lines trying to catch a bite, excitedly telling their fathers what sea delight was on the menu for dinner tonight!


Whilst the pups capture any bit of shade they can get their paws on.


We took a wander down the shop-lined streets, admiring the dainty shopfronts, a far cry from the contemporary window displays dominating the streets of Newcastle or Derby!





My favourite was this lovely little sweet shop, the Cat Junior inside of me was squealing with excitement!


Brimming with homemade fudge, sweets and chocolates.


One gallery had a door most people walked straight past but had me captivated…


Camera upon camera stuck to the door and spraypainted black. I think it’s utter genius, yet so many people sauntered right past it!

At the end of the shopping street is a viewing platform with the most breathtaking views over the estuary.


With boats criss-crossing their way across.



The things I’d do to live in a house with that kind of view!

I think even on a typical drizzly English day it’d be lovely; cosying up by the fire, reading a book and hearing the rain patter on the massive windows, with an ounce of schadenfreude as you watch the sailors getting soaked outside…


Not that I need to give rain a thought on a day like today, with crystal blue waters and not a cloud in the sky!

Like any good holidaymaker, we went off in search of a good ice cream.

And we were in for a treat.


Salcombe is home to its very own ice cream factory!

There’s big windows peering into the factory room where all the magic happens (supposedly, although it just looked like lots of silver tanks and tubes to me), and a mini factory shop.


With a whole host of flavours (this was only a third of the poster!) we all took forever to make our choices

As it was such a hot day (and it was nearing closing time so they’d run out of my first choice, passionfruit crush!) I went for a raspberry sorbet, and my sister Jen had the mango sorbet


My parents had a Rum & Raisin and a Stem Ginger too



One happy little Katy-Jane this evening!

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