Lola Lo Comes to Derby

A new Tiki Bar is open in Derby


Palm trees, floral prints, hula girls, bamboo huts and tiki gods fill every inch of Lola Lo, taking you from drizzly Derby to a Polynesian paradise.


A nightclub after dark, a cocktail bar at dusk, and a stylish bar and grill in the day.

In need of a breath of fresh air from twee tea shops (sometimes you can have too much of a good thing), I eagerly messaged Hannah and recruited her to try out this new hotspot, and have a good juicy catch up!


I donned my most tropical kimono and headed out


Never one to disappoint H turned up looking glamorous as ever, and we headed in to explore!


Navigating the labrynth of Tiki booths, fish tanks and palm trees, we found ourselves enveloped in a Hawaiian wonderland.

Greeted by waitresses in beautiful 50s style floral swing dresses with tight blonde curls and flowers in their hair, we were welcomed to take our pick of the booths




The drinks menu is extensive, comprised of 30 classic and bespoke cocktails, served in various unique tiki mugs


By recommendation of our waitress (and feeling the name appropriate) we both went for the ‘Good Time Girl’

Zubrowka vodka blended with apple juice, peach and passionfruit purée, finished with champagne and an edible flower.


Very very tasty but also very strong.. especially for lunch time!



The food menu is equally as huge as the drinks menu, and I’d have been delighted with absolutely anything (or ideally everything?) from it!

After much deliberation, we placed our orders then got to the business of catching up, gossiping and updating one another on our lives at present

All the while admiring the attention to detail in our surroundings



And then, the best moment of my entire week happened.

Our food arrived.


And Oh My Tiki God was I excited to sink my teeth into this.

Meet Don The Dirty Dog


A battered dog, served with chorizo, crispy onions, peppers, double Jack cheese and garlic mayo, in their special recipe Hawaiian Dog roll

With chips and a huuuuuge gherkin


(Sorry, I’ll stop gherkin around!)

But honestly this hotdog, I’ve never tasted anything like it!


One of those things you should probably eat in private as it gets everywhere, but so so worth it

Your teeth burst through outer layer and sink into the fleshy centre, the sign of a perfect sausage (easy tiger)


Hannah went for the Surf and Turf Katsu Burger


Beef burger topped with panko prawns and calamari, doused with Katsu curry sauce, served on a brioche bun

From how silent we both as soon as the food arrived, it’s safe to say it was pretty damn good

A pretty pricey lunch (the bill came to £40) but I definitely thought it was worth every penny!


A hui hou, Lola Lo, I’ll see you soon in my stilettos ready to dance the night away!

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