Bunny Hopping around Nottingham

The other day my camera hunting adventures took me to Nottingham, and as ever I took the opportunity to make a day of it


So I packed up my bag, grabbed my kindle and hopped onto the train


Arriving in Nottingham I had a good old snoop around, dipping in and out of shops


And I might just have snapped this super snuggly onesie with the most adorable bunny ears up in the sales!


I don’t come to Nottingham much despite how close it is, but I always remember playing in the Old Market Square’s erupting fountains as a child, overlooked by the city hall.



Which, on it’s first floor, is home to the Exchange Arcade, an upmarket fashion mall


After some intense window shopping us hungry bunnies decided it was about time for lunch


So hopped over to the White Rabbit Teahouse


An independent, vintage-inspired teahouse tucked away from the more commercialised city centre





Cowering away from the cold winds we sat inside, but on a warmer day the outside seating (although limited) looked so inviting!


When we arrived at around 1pm it was packed and we had to hover around for a table, but by about 3pm we had the place to ourselves, to try to head over a little later if possible!


Lauren and I had only intended to pop in for a light lunch and a coffee, but decided to put all our eggs in one basket and order the Afternoon Tea


All food and drinks are served on traditional fine china


Everything is deliciously twee and beautiful, and you really feel spoilt with the attention to detail


Included in the Afternoon Tea is your choice of tea from their vast selection of 15-20 teas


I went for Earl Grey, Lauren went for Asaam



You’re also each given choice of sandwich filler out of six options


We went for cream cheese & cucumber, and tuna mayo

These were nice, but the lack of selection was a little disappointing.. I’d rather have been offered one of each type of sandwich, and perhaps some more exotic sandwich fillers (the other options were variations of the basic ham/cheese/egg fillers)


Sandwiches were followed by homemade scones, with clotted cream and jam


Next up was a selection of the days homemade cakes and sweet treats

We had a raspberry (I think?) macaron, a victoria sponge with lemon icing, white chocolate rocky road, and a chocolate cake



Very tasty but again pretty basic, and I’m still trying to work out whether I love or hate that they had that hand-decorated-by-your-kid feel to them..

(Edible glitter and flowers, anybody?)


The bill came to £25 for everything, which isn’t bad but if I’m honest I was expecting a bit more quality from the food.. the atmosphere was absolutely perfect and could not be faulted but I was expecting a little more for the price (especially when comparing it to the considerably cheaper afternoon tea I enjoyed at Olive and Bean!)

However the menu offered various paninis, sandwiches, toasties and salads which looked incredible, so still definitely worth the visit if you’re in town!


Either way, I can’t complain at all at good tea, good company and most importantly, great crockery!

KJ xx

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