Antipasto, Fit for our Queen (Mother’s Day I)

There’s absolutely nothing I don’t love about antipasto.


It’s got it all. Cured meats, olives, multitude of cheeses, salad, bread, dips, everything.


Translating to “before a meal”, antipasto is traditionally the first course of a formal Italian meal, and has been greedily adopted by us Brits.


My family truly seize the opportunity for an antipasto board with any excuse.

As I’m sure you don’t need reminding, it’s Mother’s Day. And what better way to spoil my lovely mum than with cured meats and continental cheeses piled high?!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a mummy’s girl (and a daddy’s girl… I like home alright?!) and she selflessly puts me and my sister first with everything, and we’ve been lucky enough to grow up in the most stable, happy house ever. She even still does all our washing for us even though we’re far far too old!

So this weekend I’m spoiling her rotten in the best way I know – through food. The key to anyone’s heart is through their tum, right?!


So for a lunch fit for our Queen I prepared a mean antipasto board, filled with goodies, and even thought I’d share the recipe with you


It’s so easy and the exact ingredients can vary depending on what you fancy or can get your hands on, but I went for:

Pack of salad

Chorizo Sausage

Antipasto Selection (containing Salami and Prosciutto)

Mini Baguettes

Fresh Pesto

Green Olives in Garlic Dressing



Balsamic Vinegar

Olive Oil

There’s no real art to it, just pile it all up and let the food do the talking!


Curl your meats up into little cones so they look like flowers (fold in half and then roll round)



Slice your chorizo sausage (or buy it thinly sliced and curl as above!)


Fresh Pesto (I’ll make my own someday soon, promise!)


Beautiful Green Olives


Slice your mozzarella and nestle it up against the meats and salad


And don’t forget a dip for your bread! Pour the olive oil into a ramekin first, then follow with the balsamic to create a little pool inside.




Served with beautiful flowers, cards full of love and plenty of lush goodies!

Safe to say I think it did the trick (she cried, bingo!)

Mother’s Day Weekend Feast to be continued…

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