Grazing in the Garden Kitchen

Everyone has those places they walk past almost every day and say “I have GOT to go there”


Garden Kitchen is exactly that for me.

Tucked away in Eldon Garden, a smaller shopping centre attached to its Mummy, Eldon Square (the larger shopping centre in Newcastle), it’s sometimes easy to miss.



Surrounded by green plants and trees and sunk below the level of the shops, the Garden Kitchen is a lovely little haven cocooned away from the hustle and bustle of Eldon’s Squares dilly-dalliers.


There’s three areas to choose from: the Bistro;


Where charming waitresses will wait on you hand and foot (kinda)

The Café;


A more relaxed tea ‘n’ cake kind of area.

And the Bar


For those wanting grab a drink and go.

Knowing we’d be there for a while, Sophie and I settled into a table in the Bistro.




Garden Kitchen offer what I like to call Gastro Picnic food, fancy sandwiches, salads and burgers.

They also offer many picnic-inspired drinks, our favourite being their Passionade.


Freshly squeezed passion fruit with sugar and soda, in a big jug to share



For me, there’s nothing quite like fresh lemonade, it just screams sumer!

(And did wonders for my very poorly throat)

After plenty of um-ing and ah-ing over the menu (and about six visits from the waitress to see if we were ready.. slowest choosers ever) we finally ordered.


Sophie went for their Smoked Hotdog on Brioche with Sweet Peppers, Streaky Bacon, Mustard and Fries

Looked and smelt outrageously good!

And for me?


Lemon Chicken Burger with Beef Tomato, Iceberg, Garlic Pepper Mayo and Skinny Fries


Fries all wrapped up in a paper bag, true picnic style!



The chicken really packed a punch with its zesty lemon flavour in a perfectly soft and doughy bun.

And oh, the mayo. And the chips. Just a match made in heaven I tell you, and I was blessed to find the chips seemed neverending!

Aaaaaaaand in true Cat style, I simply couldn’t resist a peak at the dessert menu.


They have a whole host of freshly baked cakes and pastries to choose from.

I went for the classic Chocolate Brownie, how could I resist an old favourite


Coupled perfectly with a Caffe Latte


Full to the brim and perfectly contented, we headed off to spend hours in Lakeland cooing over various culinary tools…

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