Afternoon Tea at Olive & Bean

I’m fast discovering Newcastle is home to many surprises and secrets.


I’ve been living here almost six months now, and still manage to find somewhere new almost every week.

My latest discovery is Olive & Bean, a Deli and Coffee Shop in the heart of Newcastle.


The sun was shining, the sky was a beautiful bright blue, everyone was busying along with their lives, what better day to be frightfully British?


We tipped our hats at Mr Grey (of Grey’s Monument, not Fifty Shades!) and headed round the corner to Olive & Bean.


I’d noticed Olive & Bean a couple of times but always thought it was a fancy food shop. Boy was I wrong!

There is not only a small shop stocking every flavour of tea and coffee bean under the sun, countless beautiful bottled drinks, chutneys and jams, but also an attached café.

Nestled away from the on-the-go feel of downstairs we sneaked upstairs to find a cosy table to inhabit for the next couple of hours.

We were greeted by a lovely waitress who told us there’d be a short wait for a table


Jacket: Bargain find in Primark/Top: Zara/Jeans: Asos/Handbag: Primark/Sunglasses: Asos

Perfect opportunity for a photo!

We were sat down at a lovely table with an absurdly comfy sofa and a biiiiig coffee table, and handed menus.


We were originally going to go for the standard Afternoon Tea, however our temptations got the better of us and we splurged on the Luxury Afternoon Tea

And were we spoilt or were we spoilt?!


To start, a hefty plate of sandwiches


Holmbury mature cheddar with Apple & Pickle; Houmous & Red Pepper; Tuna Mayo & Jalapeño; Roast Chicken Breast & Homemade Pesto; Honey Roast Ham & Mango Chutney

All in soft seedy brown bread, served with a pot of olives and salad.

All were absolutely beautiful, I always love a place which can make even the standard sandwich exciting!


Next, homemade scones with Devon clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Quite possibly the highlight of the whole afternoon for me!

The scones were just heavenly, so crumbly and crusty outside but buttery soft inside, baked absolutely to perfection.


And of course we had the obligatory ‘scone’ pronunciation debate, problem is both Jake and I are fairly apathetic on topics like this, so it didn’t last too long, especially as most of our attention was focused on devouring the critters.


Next up (as if we weren’t full enough already!) was a selection of the day’s finest cakes and a fresh berry salad.

I may be wrong but I think ours were Carrot Cake, some Chocolatey Gooey Goodness (official name), Lemon Cake and Rocky Road.

Either way, they were all bloody lovely, my favourite was (could you guess?) the Chocolatey Gooey Goodness.



All washed down with unlimited (!!) Teapigs tea and Union coffee.


Having eaten enough to feed a small army, we collapsed back into the sofa and nattered the afternoon away.


Until our fellow grazers dropped back into the busy streets one by one


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