Jam Jar

For those of you who don’t know, Jesmond is Newcastle’s social capital.

It’s where every student lives after their first year, and is home to many an effortlessly cool bar, restaurant and boutique.

Jam Jar is no exception.


Located on Osbourne Road (the heart of Jesmond), Jam Jar is nestled among hotels and shops, a cosy little cubbyhole boasting a menu of classic homely comfort food away from the busy student scene outside.

Only a few months old and set up by a Northumbria graduate himself, Jam Jar is definitely doing everything right.


Not only providing menus full of the comfort food we students are desperately missing from home (even if we refuse to admit it), it also showcases a unique menu of creative cocktails, craft beers, continental lagers and rare liquors.

Even better? They cater to our frequently desolate purses and wallets, with various student-friendly offers throughout the week.

So, never one to miss out on a good deal, a few of us headed down to enjoy their ‘Supper Club’.


Heading past the quiet bar we found ourselves a comfy little spot and perused the menu’s offerings.

‘Supper Club’ offers a set menu, with 2 courses for £9.95, or 3 for £12.95. Can’t go wrong with prices that good.

We all spent a good 10 minutes trying to decide on what to go for from the drinks menu. Although small, everything looked so good it proved a difficult choice.


In the end we all (accidentally) opted for the same one: Vodka Jam.


And after the obligatory “let me take a photo!!” from everyone around the table we lept in and sipped on our little jars of summer whilst trying to decide what on earth to eat.


None of the starters tickled my fancy, but Harry and Shelby went for Sole Goujons with Homemade Tartare, which was beautiful.

Real, high quality fish in perfectly fried batter.

Whilst they ate, I got better acquainted with my cocktail.


Fresh lime and raspberry muddled together with raspberry jam, then shaken with Russian Standard vodka and cranberry juice, and topped with more raspberry.

Is it just me who never considered putting jam in a cocktail?! I have absolutely no idea why, and I’m not going back. It’s the ultimate ingredient.

After some excited chatter interrupted only by cocktail sipping and starter swapping, we were swiftly presented with our mains.


I went for the Rump Steak with Grilled Mushrooms and Tomato, Fries and Bourbon Diane Sauce.


The steak was cooked to perfection, the fries were perfectly crunchy on the outside with fluffy centres, and the sauce was simply divine.

All the food on the menu is sourced within 20 miles of the restaurant, pretty damn impressive if you ask me!


I also popped Ella’s main on my mental ‘Must Come Back For’ list, I can’t actually remember what it was called (blame the cocktails) but it was a beautiful risotto with peas, garlic, parmesan and various other lovelies.

Definitely one to pop back and try!

After ensuring my plate was absolutely mopped clean we had a breather and sipped our cocktails over some gossip, before ordering our desserts.

I don’t know about you but desserts are my favourite part of any meal. One day I’ll pluck up the courage to go to a restaurant and only order two or three courses of desserts, and if anyone wants to join me on my sweet indulgence you’re more than welcome.

Jam Jar only offers a New York Cheesecake with Berry Compote, or Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Icecream.

I was at first suspicious of the small dessert selection but it quickly became clear why – I’ve never been a fan of the ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ culinary approach, and Jam Jar definitely sticks to what it’s good at.

I ordered the Chocolate Brownie and the others had the Cheesecake.


(Two scoops of icecream?! Are we overcompensating for something?)

I needn’t worry about overcompensating, this baby was pure delight through and through.


Sticky, steaming, gooey, oozy, rich, saucy perfection.

I’m afraid my obsessive overindulgence with my brownie led to a slight lapse in concentration, so I missed my chance to snap the cheesecake, but I’m assured it was as beautiful as mine!

The cheesecake was a proper homebaked New Yorker adorned with a bright berry compote, equally as inviting as the brownie.


Full to the brim, we headed out into the windy Newcastle evening to meander home, eagerly deciding which offer we’ll next return for! (Burger night, Tuesday, be there)

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